Audi AG. event with Juan Zelada Concert

30th January 2016 - Convento do Beato, Lisbon

To be able to fulfil all the international expectations, the Portuguese company Audinova have provided all the sound, lighting and staging systems for Juan Zelada concert, in Lisbon, where the new state-of-the-art linear sound reinforcement Leopard system from Meyer Sound has been defined by the promoter as a “must have” system.

The private event, promoted by the German manufacturer AUDI AG., has chosen last January one of the most exclusive venues in the Portuguese capital city, offering a fantastic dinner followed by a wonderful concert where, among others songs, Carlos Jean and Juan Zelada come up with the built up tune under the Audi project “The Sound of Emotions”, the first song created by the smiles people.

The Sound of Emotions - this initiative is part of Audi Innovative Thinking, an international program that aims to foster creative ideas as the engine that drives our society.

A perfect audio experience.