Our Works

Our Works

  • Samsys Customer Day 2017

    Samsys Customer Day 2017

    27th June 2017 - Multipurpose Pavilion, Gondomar

  • Euronext Lisbon Awards 2017

    Euronext Lisbon Awards 2017

    24th May 2017 - Palácio da Bolsa, Porto

  • “Mulheres de Abril” Concert

    “Mulheres de Abril” Concert

    25th April 2017 - Praça Stephens, Marinha Grande

  • GaiaMEETING 2017

    GaiaMEETING 2017

    31-01st April 2017 - Alfândega, Porto

  • International Women’s Day

    International Women’s Day

    8th May 2017 - Ministry of Justice, Lisbon

  • Manheim Portugal

    Manheim Portugal

    17th February 2017 - Beato Convent, Lisbon

  • Catch Box for Renting

    Catch Box for Renting

    The Audience Engagement Solution For Larger, More Demanding Events. Make your next Conference, Meeting or Lecture more engaging and fun…

  • d3 Technologies Unveils 2x4pro Media Server

    d3 Technologies Unveils 2x4pro Media Ser

    d3 Technologies is proud to announce the introduction of its newest media server, the 2×4pro. The new server, like the…

  • IQOS launches in Portugal

    IQOS launches in Portugal

    19-20th January 2017 - Guimarães