Leopard Line Array in Portugal

The Portuguese company Audinova bought the first Leopard linear sound reinforcement system for the local market.

“A wonderful small system with a big sound” says Nunes de Sousa, Audinova’s CEO.

“The new Leopard system from Meyer Sound with the 900-LFC´s accurate bass control help us to give a new sound to our client´s concerts, especially, to the acoustic concerts that are more intimate. It also plays amazingly with Performance Arts, Jazz Concerts and live Symphonic Orchestras”.

For starting, Audinova bought four 900-LFC´s with rigging kit & twelve Leopard fully weatherproofed speakers assisted by the Galileo Callisto 616 array management processor with provides drive and alignment control.

It is already expected the purchasing of more units that will soon enrich the Meyer Sound family in Portugal.