Coimbra Planetarium

Astronomical Observatory of Coimbra University


Fibreglass, class M1, 9.0m diameter dome, suspended and assembled by Audinova to a quota of 1.80m, the planetarium was endowed with a 360° immersive projection image, based on a one central F35 Projection Design native 2560x1600 resolution and a Navitar hemisphere lens in DVI-D dual link to its content server. Additionally, a complete 5:1 surround sound system has been studied acoustically and implemented by our project team in order to enhance the scientific content to be projected in the daily sessions of this wonderful planetarium and, simultaneously, allowing to face live technical and scientific explanations of the University teachers to an audience that is intended cross - a general and broad public, school public with particular focus on younger’s whose subjects taught revisit these issues and, at the same time, the scientific community around the country finding this planetarium another study tool and communion of a passion for space.

An Audinova project.