Exploratório Infante Dom Henrique

The Associação Exploratório Infante Dom Henrique has chosen Audinova to outfit this Planetarium with an In Space System planetarium solution.

The chosen projection system was the ISS 2C-3k full-dome projection system, based on a 2 Projection Design F35 in a 180° projector configuration.

The projector n. º 1 has been installed into the technical room all together with the projector n. º 2 installed in a special wall niche equipped with mechanical support, wiring and extraction of heat, closed with an optical glass door.

To feed these two video projectors, it has been also installed one “Planetarium” rack in the technical room where 2 Image Generators high performance rack computers plus the ISS Supervisor to control the system, where provided.

To complement the system, a DMX controller was supplied into the Supervisor computer to be able to control light and other DMX equipments.

An Audio Card for the planetarium audio system has also been set out.

A control desk with 2 Full HD high quality flat screens, a retro-illuminated keyboard and a mouse, under a KVM switcher, complement the solution.

To be able to guarantee the maximum image quality, optical fibre cables has been chosen for cabling this high-end planetarium system.

Technical training has been supplied during a complete week to the Exploratório technical team.