Digital Full Dome Planetarium Theater

31st March 2015, Center for Astrophysics, University of Porto

Replacement of the classic optical and mechanic projection system for a modern digital Full Dome projection system in Porto University Planetarium Theater.

The new digital system installed for full dome projection, replaced the already old opto- projector and the supporting slide projectors, allowing now to simulate the entire visible universe, as well as play movies and immersive documentaries supported by highly evolved software and complex It is based on the latest data from the universal mapping.

To this end, it was designed and installed a new root microperforated dome with diameter 12.5 m, and acoustically treated together with virtually invisible.

Simultaneously, the existing audience was completely revamped passing concentrically to an array of unidirectional geometry, reclining and ventilated individually.

In addition it installed a new system cove lights LED RGB+W 360° controlled by the planetary control software.

The existing sound system was repositioned according to the new provision of the audience.

It was also selected a new deck with a high-performance surface, waterproof, comfortable and anti-microbial treatment, and that allows for quick and effective cleaning. This product design and high sound absorption has been an integral part of the acoustic study conducted by Audinova for this space which will house about 100 spectators at each session.